Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC), is offering upto $3,000 towards the switch out of your non EPA Certified stove for a new wood or pellet stove that is EPA Certified.
This program will run from March 13 to August 31, 2017.

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To see if your stove qualifies please contact us.

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The Stove Center is proud to be the Harman stove specialist serving southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod. Our technicians have been factory trained to work with all types of Harman products such as Harman pellet stoves, pellet stove inserts, wood stoves and wood stove inserts.

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We are a trusted retailer of Harman Products, carrying wood stoves, pellet stoves and inserts, and more!

Why Choose Harman?

For over 30 years, Harman has developed a reputation for creating reliable and efficient heating systems using the latest technologies.

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Here are a few distinct features of Harman systems:

Firedome Technology. By harnessing and maximizing the wood-burning efficiency of stoves, air direction is controlled to keep the viewing area and glass doors clean of debris.

Exhaust Sensing Probe (ESP) Technology. Control and monitor the heat output for a room’s preset temperature within one degree.

Pellet Pro System. Unlike other types of pellet stoves, Harman pellet stoves and inserts are able to burn and maximize heat output of any grade of pellet. The unique bottom-up feeding technology ensures each pellet is completely burned for maximum efficiency.

Easy Touch Control. Using a touchscreen control, you can easily monitor, schedule and change the heating levels within your home.

Wood Stove Technology. Enjoy up to 16 hours of heat with one load of wood. The heat produced from Harman wood stoves is consistent and steady unlike many other brands of stoves whose heat flickers and wanes. You can even cook a meal with a stove insert.

Zone Heating. Cut back on your heating bills and heat only the areas or zones of your home that you need. Imagine the money you can save by redirecting heat only to the rooms you use the most.

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Wood Pellets Available Now

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New England Wood Pellets

$349 per ton

$7 per bag

Northern Warmth Douglas Fir
(Formerly known as Okanagan)

$419 per ton

$9 per bag

Northern Warmth Super Spruce (Formerly known as Okanagan)

$379 per ton

$8 per bag

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Ash Vacuums by Power Smith,
starting at $149.00

Get a FREE Ash Vacuum with select stove purchases.


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The Wood and Pellet Stove Change-out Program

Making the switch from a non-EPA certified wood or pellet stove to a cleaner-burning certified EPA stove is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet. If you’re eligible, you may receive a standard rebate in southeastern Massachusetts between $500 to $1,500.

All Harman pellet stoves and inserts are EPA certified and are highly efficient. The changeout program is an initiative between MassCEC, MassDEP and the Department of Energy Resources (DOER).

Harman Fireplace Safety

A fireplace screen is an essential safety feature which prevents harmful burns and serves as a barrier between young children and pets and the heat source. If you have a Harman gas fireplace or insert manufactured before January 1, 2003, did you know you can receive a FREE safety screen? You simply need to fill out a form and pay the shipping.

Besides using a safety screen, here are a few other safety tips to prevent burns:

Free and clear. A cluttered hearth with nearby curtains, furniture and other household items is at risk of combustion. Keep the areas surrounding your Harman pellet stove or insert clear of clutter.

Be vigilant. Young children and pets are especially susceptible to fireplace accidents. If possible, create another physical barrier between the heat source to prevent anyone from getting too close. Even Harman wood or pellet stoves and inserts can remain hot to the touch long after they’ve been extinguished.

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